Welcome to our partner page

On this page, you will find our prices and commissions, detailed programme information, and stock photos and videos, all for you to use in your offer to your client! If you are missing any information, just let us know. We will make sure the information on this page is kept up to date. Below, you will find the extra services we offer specially to you as our partner.

Let us introduce ourselves
Monsterevents is a Business Event Company with local knowledge, expertise, and resources in providing a complete range of services to our partners, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our creative team and professional event managers will organise the perfect event and experience for you and your client.

Comming soon!

(To be anounced )Get ready for our DMC Battle 2023.

We hope to see all our partners in real life again and introducing our(self) new games with a drink and some fun!

Save time by letting us help you
Utilising our knowledge, network, extensive range of contracted suppliers, locations for lunch, dinner or parties, and our carefully designed programmes, we will organise the perfect experience for any event! We are here to help you save time while still achieving your goals: getting to know your colleagues or strengthening the relationship with your clients.

Our goal
is to provide you with all the information and programm content within an hour.
Overview of programme activities, in various languages
Images or videos to be used for your offer to your client

What we can do for you!
Our large team is happy to help you come up with fresh ideas, brainstorm about new concepts, logistic challenges or venues that will meet your client’s wishes.
– We can customise all games to meet the needs of your client.
– We can provide a backup programme when bad weather is a problem.
– You can test our games for free. We are happy set up a demo game, so you and your team or client can experience one of our programmes.
– We provide a presentation of the game or application when you are on inspection with your client.

White label
When you work with Monsterevents, you can trust that we work for you and under the flag of your brand! We will never contact your client or discuss event details with them without your consent. We will try to avoid our logo and brand being in the picture. We are open to any request regarding branding and communication.
We are happy to meet with you and your client when you come for inspection: Free of Charge!
– We will provide a clear presentation of the programme or game.
– We will explain the application and the possibilities for meeting your clients wishes.
– We will provide solutions for logistic challenges or other challenges.

Made to measure

Thanks to our creative team, we can customise every programme to fit your client’s needs and wishes. We also like to pay attention to each little detail. Our in-house graphics department can easily provide you with customised presentation materials, specifically designed for you to show to your client.

The perfect start
For a perfect start to the event, the group will be welcomed by one of our event managers upon arrival. The waiters will happily serve the guests coffee or tea. When everybody has a drink and feels comfortable, we will start the briefing. First, we will introduce ourselves and tell the group what they can expect. Then, after an exciting and competitive day, we will close the event with an award ceremony to crown the best team. And we will make sure everybody goes home feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

Easy to combine

Would you like to combine activities, or add an extra activity to your teambuilding event? We can easily add extra activities such as a meeting, training, workshop, lunch, dinner, or overnight stay in a hotel to your programme. Just let us know, and we will make it happen.

Venues and catering

Because we have a local network of venues and ample experience, we can easily help you find the perfect venue for your client’s selected programme, or even arrange it for you. We are happy to contact the venue and request all the information regarding their catering and menu options.

Bad weather

Our country is known for its bad weather, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience a fun and great event. It is always a good idea to discuss a backup plan in case the weather is too bad to go outside, or if your client would just rather be indoors than outdoors. In case your client decides to go for the backup programme, we will need at least 5 days to make the proper arrangements.


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